2013 International Conference of Manufacturing Technology Engineers (ICMTE 2013)

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Program Overview

October 9, 2013

16:00 Registration Opens at Huating Hotel

18:00 Welcome Reception at Huating Hotel

October 10, 2013

8:00 Bus from Huating Hotel to SJTU Minhang Campus

8:45 Welcome Remarks by Conference General Chairs (Professor LIN Zhong-Qin and

Dr. PARK Jongkweon)

9:00 Welcome Address by National Natural Science Foundation Program Director

(Professor WANG Guo-Biao)

9:15 Keynote Speaker #1

“Non-traditional and precision machining technologies”

Professor GUO Dongmin, Deputy President of Dalian University of Technology, Academician,

Chinese Academy of Engineering

9:45 Keynote Speaker #2

“Development of Micro Factory”

Dr. Ro Seung-Kook, Senior Researcher, Division of Advanced Manufacturing Systems,

Korean Institute of Machinery and Materials

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Keynote Speaker #3

“Micro/Nano precision optical metrology”

Professor FANG Fengzhou, Director, State Key Laboratory, Tianjin University

11:00 Keynote Speaker #4

“Research and Development of Laser Assisted Milling”

Professor Lee Choon-man, School of Mechanical Engineering, Changwon National University

11:30 Keynote Speaker #5

“Process Optimization and Manufacturing Execution System for the Auto Industry”

Professor SHAO Xinyu, Deputy President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

12:00 Lunch at Liuyuan, SJTU

13:30 Parallel Technical Sessions (I)

A: Design Innovations

B: Advanced Manufacturing

C: Micro/Nano Technologies

D: Sustainable Manufacturing

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Parallel Technical Sessions (II)

E: High Performance Machine Tools

F: Robotics and Bio/Mechatronics

G: Non-conventional Forming

H: Manufacturing Systems

17:00 Bus to Banquet

18:00 Banquet at Pudong

20:00 Bus back to Huating Hotel

October 11, 2013

8:00 Bus from Huating Hotel to SJTU Minhang Campus

8:45 Keynote Speaker #6

“Advanced Mechanisms Research and Applications”

Professor GAO Feng, Director, State Key Laboratory, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

9:15 Keynote Speaker #7

“Precision Manufacturing Technologies”

Dr. JOO Dongik, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing R&D Institute, Samsung

Electric-mechanical Systems

9:45 Coffee Break

10:15 Poster Session

11:30 Lunch at Liuyuan, SJTU

13:00 Conference End and Bus to Huating

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