6th CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting (HPC2014)

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The 6th CIRP HPC Conference will be co-hosted by the Berkeley and Davis campuses of the University of California. It will continue a tradition of providing an international forum for machining researchers and users to review and discuss the latest innovations and developments in cutting and manufacturing technology.


The conference will be held in Berkeley, CA within the San Francisco Bay Area, which is well known for its natural beauty, entrepreneurship, liberal politics, and concentration of advanced manufacturing companies

Key Conference Dates

June 23rd to 25th Technical Sessions

June 24th (Afternoon) DMG/Mori Seiki Tour

June 24th (Evening) Conference Banquet


Professor David Dornfeld, UC Berkeley, Chair

Professor Kazuo Yamazaki, UC Berkeley/UC Davis, Co-Chair

Professor Barbara S. Linke, UC Davis

Professor Masakazu Soshi, UC Davis

Dr. Moneer Helu, UC Berkeley (Local Organization)

Submission Deadlines

September 30, 2013 Abstract submission

October 28, 2013 Notification of abstract acceptance

November 25, 2013 Full paper submission

February 17, 2014 Notification of paper acceptance

March 10, 2014 Camera-ready paper submission



Tel.: (+1) 510-6434439

Topics (not exclusive):


•Machining of metallic and non-metallic materials

•Micromanufacturing processes

•Die cutting

•Abrasive processes

•Mechanics and dynamics of material removal processes

•Hybrid machining

•Sheet metal cutting

•Precision machining

•Die and mold machining

•Additive manufacturing processes

•Nontraditional processes (e.g., EDM, ECM, CMP, laser, abrasive jet machining) Simulation

•Virtual cutting, simulation

•CAD/CAM systems and strategies for high performance cutting

Machine Tools and Tooling Systems

•Machine design for micromachining

•High speed spindle technology, models, tuning, and testing

•Control of multi-axis machine tools

•Energy efficient machine tools

•Design methodology of multi-axis machine tools

•Cutting tool materials, design, and performance

•Intelligent tooling

•Metrology and measurement

•High speed machine tool structures and configurations Beyond the Process

•Sustainable manufacturing processes

•Interoperability, monitoring, and control of machining operations

•Residual stress and damage of finished surfaces

Scientific Committee:

E. Abele / DE S.-H. Ahn / KR Y. Altintas / CA T. Aoyama / JP

P.-J. Arrazola / ES H. Attia / CA J. Aurich / DE M. Balazinski / CA

J. Barry / IE K. Bouzakis / GR E. Brinksmeier / DE G. Byrne / IE

A. Chandra / US T. Childs / GB M. Davies / US B. Denkena / DE

D. Dornfeld / US K. Erkorkmaz / CA C. Evans / US G. Goch / DE

C. Guo / US Y. Guo / US F. Hashimoto / US I. Inasaki / JP

I. Jawahir / US K. Jemielniak / PL B. Kaftanoglu / TR B. Karpuschewski / DE

Y. Kakinuma / JP F. Klocke / DE P. Koshy / CA B. Kruszynski / PL

J.-P. Kruth / BE B. Lauwers / BE G. Levy / CH S. Liang / US

B. Linke / US D. Lucca / US R. M’Saoubi / SE S. Melkote / US

S. Min / US L. Monostori / HU M. Mori / JP T. Moriwaki / JP

B. Mullany / US R. Neugebauer / DE J. Oliveira / BR T. Özel / US

S. Park / CA F. Pfefferkorn / US M. Rahman / SG V. Schulze / DE

S. Smith / US M. Soshi / US J. Sutherland / US R. Teti / IT

J. Webster / US K. Wegener / CH R. Wertheim / IL B. Winfough / US

H. Yamaguchi / US K. Yamazaki / US

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